Visualization Tool

For visualization of the processes and remote control, Discover Control has projected a universal tool for the creation of the interface and also for its execution. Visualization Tool is a tool for creation of Human Machine Interface, the part of SCADA system. Besides projecting editor this system also includes executive HMI software. There are numerous different types of objects at user’s disposal for visualizing and commanding. Combination of objects can create various graphical and functionally compound interfaces.

During the making of the software special attention has been paid to the similarity of design and editorial functionality between Visual Tool and Visual Logic Programmer software. That way, it has been made easier for user to use and combine these two tools in the creating process. Being the standard part of the Discover Control assortment of tools, this software can also be tested without possessing PLC, but just by using aforementioned emulator.

It should be emphasized that the software is connected to Discover Control PLC only by communicational protocol. It can be applied to any other control measure instrument only by changing communicational protocol. Only a few automation equipment manufacturers can boast of having their own HMI software. However, no company can do that in the domain of inexpensive PLC devices.


Discover Control Android HMI

The role of Discover Control Android HMI is to open the pictures, created in Visual Tool, on Android operative systems, providing the user the communication with the whole system.

This provides various applications to control with all the benefits the new mobile technologies bring.

It should be said that it is not necessary for the diagram to be adjusted specially for showing on the Android device.

The development team has applied its long term experience in the field of mobile devices, to improve design and the process of making this application. Having this in mind, the possibility of cooperation in the area of specialized Android application for surveillance and remote controlling is very certain.