Visual Logic Programmer

Visual Logic Programmer is a synonym for easy programming and configuring of PLC. It makes the creation of diagrams of the process easy by choosing the functions and their connection into a functional scheme. It shows execution of algorithm on PLC visually and its testing in real time.

Visual Logic Programmer is completely compatible with IEC 61131-3 FBD standard. It is easy to use and very intuitive. In addition, it possesses standard functions for editing, drag and drop, copy, paste, auto routing, easy uploading of the program to the product, and turn to online mode. Very important characteristic of this product is that it also has PLC emulator within its range, so the development and testing can be executed without possessing the PLC device.

User can configure PLC easily and quickly and they program their own process by creating graphical scheme of the program, without having to know programming language. Having possessed the emulator the user can test and debug the program in the project phase, without the PLC. In addition to this, the user can also simulate all physical changes that may occur on input and recording spots of the PLC. At the moment this particular type of the software is a privilege of the big manufacturers of the equipment for automation.

The way it has been projected and implemented leaves a lot of space for adjustment to special needs and adaptations, with very low price of the development. In other words, the software can be used in the systems of different manufacturers, not only within the Discover Control assortment of products.