Power Stream PLC

Discover Control PLC is a device that provides simple and accessible automation inside the Discover Control environment. The devise possesses 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 4 analogue inputs and a network card. There is a power stream operative system which guarantees period in execution and processing the programed circuits. The operating system is based on periodical algorithm, which goes through acquisition, processing of time, processing of the whole diagram of circuits and distribution of signals. The operating system has been made for Microchip PLC controllers in C program language, but the structure and base are very flexible and the distribution to other controllers is possible. The choice of the controllers has been in tune with the idea of the device having low production price and being a part of hobby KIT set.

All of the digital inputs and outputs can be forced and simulated within Visual Logic Programmer during the process, which makes the development and implementation much easier.

It is important to emphasize that for using Discover Control PLC the end-user does not have to possess C compilers or devices for putting the program on the PLC. Once a device is being programed with Visual Logic Programmer through Ethernet network, PLC records the program and executes it on its own, until it has been programed again.

It is crucial to stress that Power Stream is very easily adjustable to other types of communication, such as serial communications. The same goes for the protocol through which it exchanges program diagram and it communicates with SCADA and HMI pages.