Visual Logic Programmer

Visual Logic Programmer is synonym for easy development and PLC configuration. Enables diagram creation through easy choice of functions and their connecting into functional schematics. Live display of algorithm execution on PLC and its testing in real time. User quickly and easy develops his process without need of knowledge of programming languages. Thanks to emulator user can test and debug program without need of PLC, and it also simulates all physical changes which can occur on inputs and measure points of PLC.


Visualization Tool

For visualisation of process and remote control, Discover Control developed universal tool for creating interface and its execution. Visualization tool is for creating Human Machine Interface HMI part of SCADA systems. Except from editor this system has execution HMI software. User has a lot of different types of object at his disposal for visualisation and commands. With combining various objects you can create different user interfaces.


Android Visualization Tool

Discover Control Android HMI has a role of executing images created in Visualization Tool, run them on Android OS and with that enables user to communicate with entire system. This enables various uses in control with all benefits of new mobile technologies. It is interesting to point out that you do not need special adjustments of diagram for Android devices. Our developing team has implement years of experience working with mobile devices.


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