About us

Discover Control represents a system for projecting and making software, hardware and SCADA systems in the area of light industrial and amateur automatics. During the recent period we have managed to develop and produce the whole assortment of products. With that the whole package of light industrial SCADA system has been included. In the range of our products there are PLC, Visual Logic programmer, Visualization tool, PowerStream embedded realtime OS, and Android HMI tool. The development team has paid special attention to making software for programming PLC and for visualizing the process, in order to make it easy to use and to keep pace with the products of worldwide leaders in the area of automatics. Besides, the architecture of these products is adjustable and it can be easily applied on the products of other manufacturers. Discover Control, as any other professional project, has made its project by implementing all of the characteristics and tools that have been used in the area of automatics for a long time. In addition to that, global trend and development have been followed, so an application for smart mobile phones and tablets with Android OS is included in our package. Discover Control has been made after the conclusion that there is no such a complete package for light industrial and amateur automatics with complete software for automation, either in our region or worldwide. Within the research of the management team it has been noticed that there are a few manufacturers of inexpensive PLC controllers in the region. In depth analysis has showed that nobody possesses a complete software as well as a realtime OS, which would turn the aforementioned product into functional and user-friendly PLC. The users of these products are obliged to be familiar with architecture of controller as well as some procedural programming language. Discover Control has released the users of all of these problems and made it possible for the people without any programming knowledge to realize their ideas effortlessly.