How to win one chip challenge from Chipotle

In the world of chip and salsa restaurants, it’s often tough to find the right chips to make the dish.

And for Chipotle, that’s the case with their Chipotle Chips Ahoy dish.

In the past, Chipotle would take a few hours to cook a single chip to perfection, and then sell the rest of the chips for a buck or two each.

But now, with the arrival of a new menu, the restaurant is using Chipotle’s brand new Chipotle chips Ahoy to spice up their chips, and they’re selling them for about $1.50 each. 

This week, Chipotles restaurant in El Paso, Texas, unveiled a new chip-themed menu. 

The menu features a “chip-salsa” dish, which is the dish used to prepare Chipotle Ahoy chips.

The menu features an assortment of chips, including Chipotle “Chipotle Chips ahoy” chips. 

“Chipotle is the best-selling fast food chain in the world,” said Chipotle spokeswoman Erin Hensley in a statement.

“The Chipotle Cheesesteak menu is an opportunity to give our customers a reason to come back.”

The Chipotls Ahoy menu features the same chips as the menu at their new El Paso location, but instead of chips they are served with a variety of ingredients including salsa, chipotle peppers, cilantro, guacamole, salsa verde, and sour cream. 

At the moment, Chipots menu does not have a price tag.

But if the Chipotler’s Ahoy becomes popular, the menu may be bumped up to $1, a price that’s more affordable than what’s currently available. 

In addition to the Chipotle Chipotle Chilaquiles Ahoy, the Chipots Ahoy Chipotle is also on sale for $1 each at other Chipotlets restaurants around the country. 

Chipotle, a chain of Mexican restaurants, started in the 1980s, and is now the second-largest restaurant chain in North America, after McDonalds. 

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