When Chipotle’s chips TV show was canceled, it’s a sign the brand’s going away

When Chipotles TV show, Chipotle Taco Bell, was canceled last year, it was the end of an era for Chipotle.

Chipotle didn’t just lose its popular TV show.

It also lost the chips that it had created with its beloved chicken wing.

Chipotle’s demise came just a few weeks after Chipotle shuttered its restaurant in Washington, D.C. The chain was the first restaurant to close its doors in D.T.C., but in the years since, the chain has been a hotbed for foodies and diners alike.

Chipotls wings were one of the last remaining food items to be sold in restaurants.

The demise of Chipotle was sudden, and it came just months after Chipotels founder, H.R. Chastain, told reporters that the chain was in financial trouble.

Chávez, who was on the campaign trail in 2012, was elected president in 2013.

The restaurant chain’s demise wasn’t the only big deal in the world of food.

Chipolte’s brand was also in serious trouble, as its food products, such as chicken, tacos, and burritos, lost some of their popularity after the company’s flagship chain, Chip’s, shut down in 2014.

In March 2016, the company announced that Chipotle would close its stores in 2020, after more than four decades of operations.

The company’s chips, which include burritinos and burrito bowls, are also expected to be off the shelves in 2019.

Chipotles chicken wing has been one of Chip’s most popular products, and its chicken wings are now considered one of its top selling brands.

In recent years, Chipotlets chicken wing also became a favorite among Chipotle fans.