How to make a ‘pita’ with potatoes and chipotle cheese

It was the perfect summer dish.

Pita chips, crispy, crispy and salty with a tangy, salty sauce.

It was a perfect summer meal.

The dish made its debut at Chipotle’s Summer of Love celebration in Las Vegas this year, and it was a hit with guests.

But this summer is about all about making the most of the available chips.

“We’re just in this season of love right now,” said Katie Kiely, a Chipotle spokesperson.

“The only thing we have going for us this year is the potato chips.

The only thing that makes our life easier is the potatoes.

The potatoes are everything.”

The potato chips themselves are not the problem.

Chipotle chips are the most popular chips in the U.S., according to data compiled by Nielsen.

In fact, nearly 70 percent of all the chips in America are chips, according to Nielsen.

The main reason for the popularity of potato chips is the crunchy, crispness of the chip.

And the crunchiness of the chips makes them perfect for a quick meal or snack.

The crunchy chips have a soft, fluffy texture that is perfect for dipping.

“It’s not crunchy at all, it’s soft, but the softness comes from the potato,” said Jessica Krawczyk, an associate professor of marketing at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

“So, the crunch is the key ingredient in this dish.

And it’s the potato that gives it its crunchy texture.”

When you eat a chip, the salt and flavorings in the chips provide a little of that salty tang.

“That tang is what helps give the chips a unique, unique taste,” said Krawcyzyk.

And if you’re craving chips, the sauce is what makes it great.

The sauce comes from a variety of ingredients including onions, garlic, cilantro and chipotles.

“You can go to any restaurant and they will have potato chips and potato sauce,” Krawce said.

But what about the crunch?

“The crunch of the potato is what gives it that crunch,” said Karen Wannstedt, an assistant professor of food science and director of the Food and Nutrition Research Center at the College of William and Mary.

“There’s no crunch to the potato, it just has that little bit of crunch.”

“It really does taste just like the crunch of a potato,” Wannstad said.

And in addition to the crunch, chips are a good source of fiber.

They’re also packed with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

“They’re really filling,” said Wannstadt.

So, why do chips taste so good?

Wannstead said that because chips are packed with nutrients, the texture of the food helps it hold its shape.

And as a result, it doesn’t have to be boiled for longer than a few minutes, which gives it more time to cook.

The texture of chips helps them hold their shape, so they don’t crumble as easily, Wannsts says.

And chips also have a chewy texture, which helps hold them together, unlike other foods.

“When chips are crisp, they hold together like glue,” Wanstedt said.

“If you take a bite of something that is crispy, it will crumble.”

And when you’re eating chips, you can feel the saltiness from the chip, as well as the crunch from the sauce.

“And it just melts right in your mouth,” Wainstedt added.

So don’t feel guilty eating chips.

It’s an easy, healthy, quick meal and the crunch and flavor from the chips are what make it so good.

“Pockets, it feels so good,” said Kelly.

“Just like a bowl of chips, it holds its shape and it holds the crunch.”