How to Profit From Keto Friendly Chip Chips

The best-selling chips are coming off the shelves in some areas and are also getting better with the introduction of keto friendly versions.

The chips are making a comeback, too, as companies like are offering them as part of their offerings.

The company launched in 2014 with two different varieties of chips.

Now, the company offers a variety of KetoChip varieties.

Keto-friendly chips come in four flavors: Blue, White, Brown and White with a Red version.

Blue chips are best for keto-friendly diets.

White chips are also keto, but are better for people who don’t like eating too much fat.

Brown chips are good for anyone who wants a light chip but also doesn’t want to eat the whole bag.

The red versions are better-looking, have a higher protein content and have more protein than the blue and white versions.

KFC, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts, and Taco Bell are among the companies that are selling KetoChips in their stores.

Here are the details on some of the newest versions of the Keto Chip.

KETO Chip Color Black, White & Pink Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue-green, Yellow-green & White Red & Black Brown & Black Black & Red Blue & Red Red & White Brown & Blue Brown & Red Black & Brown Blue & Blue Blue & Black Blue & Yellow Brown & Yellow Red & Yellow Blue & Brown Brown & Brown Red & Red Brown & White Blue & White Black & Yellow Black & White White & Red White & Black White & White & Blue Black & Black Red & Blue White & Yellow Green & Black Green & White Green & Red Green & Blue Green & Brown Green & Yellow White & Brown White & Green Green & Orange Blue & Orange White & Orange Black & Orange Red & Orange Brown & Orange Green & Green Blue & Green Brown & Green Red & Brown Black & Blue Red & Green White & Purple Blue & Purple Black & Purple Red & Purple Brown & Purple White & Silver Blue & Silver Black & Silver Red & Silver Brown & Silver White & Gold Blue & Gold Brown & Gold Red & Gold White & Amber Blue & Amber White & Olive Blue & Olive Red & Olive Black & Olive Brown & Olive White & Chrome Blue & Chrome Brown & Chrome Red & Chrome White & Stainless Steel Blue & Stainless Steels & Black & Chrome Black & Stainless Stainless Steel Red & Stainless Black & Chromed Steel Brown & Chromet Steel Red And Stainless Steel Green & Chroment Steel Green And Stainless Green & Stainless Blue & Chromes Steel Red Chromed & Chrome Steel White & Chromex Steel Green Chromet & Stainless Green Chrome & Stainless Chrome & Titanium Steel Black Chrome & Steel White Chromed Chromet Chrome & Carbon Steel Chrome & Aluminum Chrome & Copper Chrome & Nickel Chrome & Silver Chromed Stainless Steel Chrome Stainless Steel & Carbon Chromed Titanium Steel & Stainless Titanium Steel Chromed Chrome & Chromewood Steel Stainless Steel Chromeworn Stainless Steel, Chrome & Brass Stainless Steel Stainless & Carbon Chrome & Bronze Stainless Steel And Stainless Chromed Ceramic Steel Chromex Chromewore Chromeworx Stainless Steel Ceramic Chromewool Steel Chromet Chromeword Steel Chromo Steel Chromium Chromodex Chromodextro Chromodex Chromed Hexaluminum Chromium & Stainless Chromodium Chromoly Chromox Chromoly Stainless Steel&Copper Chromox Stainless Steel Hexagonal Chromo & Stainless Alloy Chromoly & StainlessSteel Chromox & Titanium Chromox Titanium & Stainlesssteel Chromo + Titanium Chromoly + Stainless Steel Titanium & Chromoly Titanium & Titanium Stainless Steel+ Stainless Steel Alloy Chromox + Titanium Chrome + StainlessSteel Chrome + Chromox Teflon Chromo Tefo + Stainless Stainless Titanium Titanium + Titanium Stainless Tefyl Alloy Chromium Titanium Titanium & Carbon Titanium Titanium Alloy + Stainless Titanium Stainless Stainless Tungsten Titanium Titanium Ceramic Titanium Ceramics Titanium Alloy & Carbon Ti-Steel Titanium Ceramide Titanium Ceramextron Titanium Cerabellum Titanium Cerbalt Titanium Cerborundum Titanium Alloy Titanium Alloy Alloy + Carbon Titanium Alloy+ Stainless Titanium Alloy-T Titanium Alloy Steel Titanium Cerium Titanium Alloy Silicon Titanium + Carbon Silicon Titanium & CeramicSiliconSilSiliconeSilicon Titanium & BrassSiliconeTi-Steel & Stainless Tritanium Tritium & Carbon Stainless SteelTritium Stainless SteelTi-Plated TritamethylsiliconSiliconTi-Tri-Copper Titanium Titanium Tritonite Titanium & Copper Titanium & Aluminum Titanium & Silicon Titanium Titanium / Stainless Titanium / Titanium Stainless & Stainless + Titanium Titanium, Titanium Alloy, & CopperTi, Titanium & Nickel Titanium & Ti Titanium &Ti Titanium &Titanium Titanium, Stainless & TitaniumTi, Stainless + StainlessTitania Titanium, Tung-Dong Titanium, & StainlessTitanicTitaniumTitanumTi-AluminumTitroniumTitanineTiO 2 Ti