Israel’s ‘chewy’ chips will be a thing of the past: The Israeli leader

An Israeli prime minister has told Israeli media that he intends to introduce a new snack called chips ahoys, which he hopes will “help us eat better”.

The chips ahoya is a thin layer of cheese spread on the inside of a chip.

It was introduced by Israeli food company, Avaya, in 2010 as a way to help people reduce their energy consumption and improve their health.

It has become popular in Israel because it is easy to make, uses minimal ingredients and tastes good.

But the move by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has raised eyebrows in the country, which is one of the few Western nations that does not yet have a national standard for food products.

Netanyahu has previously been a fan of chocolate and chips, and the snack is also widely seen as an attempt to appeal to younger Israelis, who tend to prefer the cheaper foods available at the supermarket.

Netz, the first Israeli leader to serve in a high-profile position since Netanyahu took office, made the remarks on his Facebook page on Wednesday, where he also talked about his love of cheese and chocolate.

Nety is an avid supporter of the Israel-US free trade agreement.

Netah said that Avaya is now planning to make a commercial version of the chips ahOY, which will feature cheese, and said he hopes the chips will attract more Israelis.

Netnah said the chips would be available in Israeli supermarkets by early 2018.