Chip and salsa for a few bucks, but are you sure you need to spend it?

The best way to save on food and gas, and it’s a bit like the “cheap eats” of the supermarket: Chip and a salad for a dollar.

Chip and salad?

Yes, please.

Chipotle Mexican Grill has released a limited-edition chip and salsa sandwich that is priced at just $2.99, and is available only at its flagship Chipotle in Las Vegas, as well as on select locations of other Chipotle restaurants around the country.

A bag of chips and a side of salsa costs $2, and each bag of chip and a sides costs $1.49.

(Salsa is not included in the price.)

But you don’t have to be a Chipotle devotee to enjoy the food, and Chipotle has already done its best to justify the price point, offering up a video showing the sandwich’s contents, including chipotle chips and salsa, along with a “thank you” note on the receipt.

A Chipotle spokesperson told The Verge that the sandwich was “a one-of-a-kind and a surprise to Chipotle loyalists.”

The chain has released dozens of new items over the past year, including its signature Chipotle burrito, Chipotle Quesadillas, and its Chipotle Baja Blast, which has been available at Chipotle since May.

Chipots also offer a variety of “salsa specials” including burritos and tacos, and the new sandwich is no different.

The sandwich is currently available at over 70 locations, including a few in the United States.

“The Chipotle Chip and Salsa Sandwich is a one-off and a very limited edition product that is only available to our loyal Chipotle customers,” a Chipotles spokesperson told HuffPost in a statement.

“While we’re working to release more limited edition items in the future, this is one of only two in existence.”

The Chipotle chips are made in Mexico and the salsa is produced in a factory in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Chipotlans salsa is also available in the US, though it’s available only on Chipotle’s site.

The Chipotls website claims that the chipotle sandwich is the first sandwich in the world to be served on its menu in a Chip & Tacos restaurant.

The restaurant has been in operation since 2013, and has attracted more than 15 million customers since opening in 2018.