‘I feel like I’m dying’: Kiwi chef dies after ‘sickening’ attack on colleague

A Kiwi restaurant has announced it will close its doors as a result of the “sickened” attack on a staff member.

The “sadistic” attack in the early hours of Monday morning was captured on CCTV footage.

“We were in the kitchen at the restaurant when we were shocked,” owner Nick Tipton told the New Zealand Herald.

It was very sad, we were just in shock.” “

She was really nasty.

It was very sad, we were just in shock.”

Mr Tiptons wife, Joanna, is the chef of the restaurant.

“I don’t know what to do,” he said.

“What can I do?

She just gets mad and just starts stabbing.” “

You know how it goes with a woman.

She just gets mad and just starts stabbing.”

Mr Skelton, the manager, said the incident left a hole in the staff and they had been left with the choice of giving up or going under.

“The restaurant is really suffering, but I know we’re not going to be the only ones that are affected,” he told the newspaper.

“It’s just really sad.”

The restaurant will reopen on Thursday, after it has been closed for three days.

“This was a sickening and horrible attack,” Mr Townton said.

The New Zealand Post reported that the woman, who has not been named, was under 18 and had not been arrested.

Police were not yet able to confirm whether the incident was linked to an international terrorist group.

Police said they had spoken to the woman and would be speaking to her about the incident.

They said the investigation was ongoing.

“At this stage, we do not believe this is linked to any international terrorist activity,” a spokesperson for New Zealand’s Joint Terrorism Taskforce said.

It said it was too early to speculate about the woman’s motive.

“However, if she is responsible for the incident, she would be subject to the same penalties and penalties regimes as any other person convicted of a terrorism offence,” it said.

A New Zealand Police spokesperson said they were unable to confirm if there was any connection to the Paris attacks, or the recent attack on an Australian restaurant by a man who police believe was linked.

The cafe is in a suburb of the capital Auckland, which has been hit by several weeks of heavy rainfall and flooding.

The Met Office said the rain was expected to continue for several days.

A number of the country’s tourist destinations have been affected by flooding.