How to eat chips without worrying about them getting in your eyes

We’ve been using a few different types of chips on the road for the last couple of years.

One was a chip that would make your eyes pop and one that would cause your eyes to water.

I don’t want to go into the nuts and bolts of how these chips work, but they are pretty simple to use.

Here’s how to use one, and how to make sure you’re eating them safely.


Get a bowl of chips, a spoon, and a fork.

You don’t have to get everything right, but make sure to have enough water and not over-process them.

A good way to ensure you’re using the correct amount of water is to soak your chips for a few minutes, then put them into a bowl with a spoon.

Then, pour in a bit of water to coat the chips.

This is called “wetting”.


Remove the chips from the bowl and allow them to sit for a while.

I recommend leaving them for 20 minutes.

If they don’t start to break down, they should be fine.


Dip your fingers in the water and wait for the chips to break.

You can also use a small fork to push them through the water.


When they’re done, add the chips back into the bowl.

This will take a few moments, but you’ll get a nice consistency of chips.

You could also take them out, dip them in water, and wait a couple of minutes before adding them to your glass of wine.

If you don’t like the chips breaking down in your mouth, you can eat them later.

If, on the other hand, you have any of the problems I mentioned, you’re more likely to end up with chips in your eye.

That’s OK, though.

The chips don’t taste bad, and they won’t hurt your eyes, so you’ll probably enjoy them anyway.