Deep River Chips and salsa to be launched in 2018

Deep River Chip and salsa will be on sale from March 30.

Deep River is a Sydney based company that makes chips and sauces made with ingredients sourced from the rivers of Queensland, the ACT and New South Wales.

Owner and chief executive of Deep River, Sami Kestner, says the chips are intended for use in all food, including chips, salsa and baked goods.

“We’ve been doing it for a while, it’s been an interesting experience to be part of the food movement in Australia,” Mr Kester said.

“But now we’re looking to expand and see where we can go.”

A variety of chips are available from Deep River at the NSW state Fair.

Mr Kesters daughter, Emily, is the head chef of the restaurant, with the chef’s name on the front of each piece of chip.

Mr and Mrs Kestrer’s daughter is also a chef, with her name on all of the products.

They say that the deep-rooted love of the water that lies in the river is one of the reasons for the popularity of deep-frying in the state.

“The idea that you cook it and then add the salt and pepper, it makes it even more special,” Mr and Mrs Myser said on a recent tour of the River City.

“There’s something really good about being in the water and eating something that’s raw.”

The restaurant will have several different varieties of deep river chips, including the standard Deep River (blue) and Deep River Cheese (yellow).

Mr and Ms Kesterer also sell products in their restaurants that are made with deep-fried fish.

The chips are sold in various flavours and they have a variety of ingredients, including sea salt, cumin, lemon juice and a variety for dipping.

“You can get a chip with a little bit of a tangy taste and some cheese on top, but it’s all about the sauce and the saltiness,” Mr Mysers said.

Mr Mysher said the sauces made from salt and vinegar were popular with diners, and that it was a challenge to find fresh salt and cumin at a reasonable price.

He said the products were popular because they had no artificial preservatives.

“They’re all natural,” he said.

The chefs say they have received a lot of requests for more product from other Australian states.

“It’s just that people just love the deep river food,” Mr, Kestered said.

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