Which are the best keto-friendly chips?

A new book on the best snacks for a ketogenic diet, “Keto: A Paleo Solution for Everyone”, is out, and one of its key sections is the keto version of chips.

This week, the author spoke to New Scientist about the ketogenic version of flour tortillas, which, according to them, have the potential to be the ketopattern of snacks.

The keto tortillas are made from coconut flour and coconut oil, and are high in protein, magnesium, calcium and other nutrients.

According to the authors, these can be used in recipes to make keto chips.

Ketosis, or the state of being ketogenic, is the state when a person does not require food to keep them alive, or for their body to perform its normal functions.

These include maintaining weight, and also the ability to function normally in the physical world.

Keto is a fast-paced, low-carbohydrate diet, and is based on the idea that foods should be low in calories and fat and high in fibre, protein and essential vitamins and minerals.

It is based around ketogenic ketosis, where people can consume a diet with a low carbohydrate, low fat, and ketogenic energy balance.

The authors have written that these chips can help you get the most out of your daily carb intake, as well as help you lose weight. 

If you are a keto eater, you will be delighted to know that this is not the first time this has been done.

A previous study by the same authors found that coconut oil and coconut flour are the ketone esters that are the primary sources of energy for ketogenic diets.

The book is a good introduction to keto, and it provides a lot of information on keto snacks, including the new flour tortilels, which are available in a range of flavours.

I’ve got a lot more ideas to try with the ketones in the next week or so, so be sure to keep an eye out for a book on this.