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A Korean coffee shop in central Florida was recently the target of a nationwide protest over the presence of fried shrimp, which were made in-house.

The protest was sparked by a tweet by a disgruntled customer.

The owner told the Tampa Bay Times the shrimp were made from “fresh-cut green onions” and “frozen rice.”

The restaurant was not the first to face protests over the shrimp, but the protests have escalated in recent months.

The outcry has forced the owner of another Korean coffee house to cancel her plans to open another coffee shop.

The protesters have also taken to social media to demand the restaurant’s owners pay the $200 they claim they spent on shrimp to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The Tampa Bay Post reports that the owner says she was told that her fried shrimp had been made in a facility “that is inhumane and inhumane conditions,” and the protesters say she should pay for it herself.

[Tampa Bay Times, 9/24/16]