What’s new in chip-based artificial intelligence?

Posted by TechCrunch on June 13, 2018 09:20:51What’s new?

As chip makers, Google and IBM are two of the big players in this field.

But what’s different between them is that Google has made chip-free AI a major goal.

In 2017, Google’s AlphaGo won the championship of the game, beating the reigning world champion, Lee Sedol, by just 3.3 million points.

It’s not exactly a game changer.

For now, Google is working on a number of other AI projects.

One of its most ambitious efforts is its DeepMind AI, which is based on machine learning and deep learning.

Its AI-powered Google Assistant will be able to help users better understand their surroundings.

Google is also working on deep learning-powered deep-learning-powered neural networks for building self-driving cars.

IBM is also developing a machine learning-based AI platform called Bort, which aims to take over everything from the way we think about computers to how we think of ourselves.

The Google AI team also is working to build an AI-enabled search engine, which will help us find the best and most relevant articles for a given topic.

Bort is also using neural networks to help people navigate the internet.

All this is going to change the way AI works and how it interacts with people.

As a result, it will be a huge challenge for chip companies to stay ahead of the curve in AI.

And in 2017, chip-makers made a number AI-based projects that have since been cancelled, but some of the more interesting ones are still in development.

Microsoft’s Deepmind is currently developing a “Neural Turing Machine” (NTM) that will eventually be able not only to simulate a human’s brain, but also to think like a human.

Neural TMM is based around a number neural networks.

NTM is based in the same lab where the Google AI project is based, DeepMind.NTM has already been successfully used to create a neural network that can identify and predict a person’s facial features.

Other AI projects that seem to be dead are Microsoft’s “Turing Lab” and the “Bionigm” AI project.

At the moment, both are still under development.

But Microsoft’s Neural Turing Machine is also said to be one of the best AI projects of all time.

The Bionigm AI project was a collaboration between Microsoft and Google.

BioniMachine is supposed to have an AI that can learn to learn from human examples and is supposed in the near future to be able “think like a computer.”

The BIONigm project, however, is said to have been cancelled because of “security concerns” from Microsoft.

According to the BBC, Microsoft said the project would not be ready for prime time until 2019.

Turing Labs is also still working on an AI system that will be called Bionia, which it hopes to use to create the next generation of artificial intelligence.

Intel’s TMS project, which has been in the works for years, is also reportedly going to be a dead end.

It is expected to be finished in 2020.

Some of the AI projects also seem to have a high chance of failing.

IBM’s AlphaGO project, for instance, has failed twice already.

A number of AI projects have been in development for a number years and some of them seem to still be in the early stages of development.

The list of AI-related companies that are still active is very long, but we are not even getting started on the top 10 companies that Google is currently working on.