How To Get Rid Of Chip-In Spaghetti Source Fortune title The Healthiest Tortilla Chips In Spanish

A healthy tortilla chip in spain is just about the only thing you’ll ever need to avoid.

It’s a creamy, creamy sauce with a hint of sweetness that’s made from a combination of chilies and sweet peppers.

Here’s how to get rid of those nasty, chip-in-spanish flavorings.


Clean up your kitchen 1.1 Clean up the kitchen with some baking soda 2.

Wash dishes in cold water to avoid watery, crusty dishes.

2.2 Cut the peppers into chunks 3.

Heat up the skillet over medium heat.

3.3 Pour the sauce over the peppers, leaving enough space between the peppers so that the peppers are cooked through.

3-4.4 Place a sheet of foil over the pan to keep the sauce from falling apart.

4.5 Remove the foil to cool.


Wash the peppers and remove any bits of skin.


Cook the sauce in a large skillet until it’s heated through, about 3 minutes.


Pour the salsa over the top, mix well and serve with a few tortillas or tortillas and a dollop of shredded cheese.

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Cut the pepper into chunks and throw away the chilies.

2: Put the peppers in a blender with a dash of sugar and puree for a minute.

3: Pour the tomato sauce over and mix well.

4: Put in a bowl and mix it all together with a spoon.

5: Add a little more sugar if you want it sweet.

7: Mix up the sauce.

Mix it up!

Add the salsa, chopped cilantro and the chiles.

8: Pour it over the tortillas, then drizzle with a little salt and pepper.

9: Serve with a slice of bread, a tortilla, or a dollops of shredded sour cream. 10: Enjoy!