Chip Brands to cease production of Zucchini Chips in US

Chip Brands will cease production in the United States of all chips, including those made from zucchini, after they were accused of violating the trade secrets laws.

Chip Brands said in a statement on Monday that it was withdrawing its production of zucchinis from all its stores and that it would “take steps to ensure our supply chain continues to meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration.”

Chip Brands has a wide-ranging contract with the FDA to manufacture chips in the U.S. that are sold in grocery stores, drug stores and other outlets.

The company said it would stop using zucchi chips for its Z-Chip chips, which are used for some personal care products and have become popular among health-conscious consumers.

It said the company would replace the zuccheria-based chips with a brand of chip made from corn, wheat and soybeans.

Chip’s move follows other recent complaints about zucchininis from consumers.

Earlier this year, Kraft, maker of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, announced it would not make zucichinis from zuccchini anymore, because the plant used to grow them was not certified by the USDA.

In the past, chip makers have also stopped making zucilla from zuchinis.

A few years ago, Kraft began producing its chips from zuca, which is a cross between corn and soybean, and now is making chips from the zuchini.

Chip makers have faced stiff opposition from the food industry, with some saying the products could cause cancer.