The Latest on the Ebola outbreak in Liberia and Sierra Leone

The U.S. is facing its most deadly Ebola outbreak on record, with at least 3,500 confirmed cases and 2,800 deaths, the World Health Organization said Thursday.

The number of confirmed Ebola cases is nearly three times the number of deaths, which have so far been more than 7,500, according to the agency.

The Ebola outbreak is now the deadliest in history.

The United States is seeing a surge in cases and deaths from the virus.

More than 1,000 people have tested positive for the virus in the last month, according a CDC report.

The numbers come amid heightened scrutiny of the Trump administration, which has been under scrutiny for failing to properly handle the outbreak.

A U.N. committee has asked for U.K. data on the outbreak to be shared with the U.M.

A top Ebola expert said Thursday that the U,S.

should do more to fight the virus, the Associated Press reported.

“We need to do more, because it’s an epidemic, it’s a pandemic, and it’s killing people, and we need to make sure that we’re taking all of the tools we have to help fight this,” Dr. Peter Piot, an expert in the field, told the AP.