How to cook potato chips with the right amount of sauce and a touch of garlic

Potato chips are great in a burrito, burrito burrito or burrito bowl, but there’s no shortage of flavor to be found in other ways.

In a new video from Vice News, food editor Matt DePinho takes a look at how to use the perfect amount of pepper, garlic and a pinch of salt and pepper in your chip cookie recipes.

“When we started making potato chips, we thought we’d never make them again,” he says.

“But we’ve been loving them ever since.”

DePangos team at Vice also experimented with adding a few spices, but they always found themselves with an extra crunch or a hint of flavor.

Here are five easy potato chip cookie recipe ideas to help you make the best potato chip cookies you can.


Chip Cookies With Spicy Onion Cream and Cilantro 3.

Potato Chip Cookies with Tomato and Cheese Sauce 2.

Chip Cookie with Chipotle Chili Sauce and Garlic 3.

Chip Chip Cookies and Onion Cream with Avocado, Green Onion, Tomato and Chives 4.

Chip Chips and Peanut Butter Sauce 5.

Chip Cakes and Coconut Cream CakeWith the perfect combination of pepper and garlic, these chip cookies will be the most flavorful potato chips you’ll ever eat.

To get the perfect balance of heat, you’ll want to add a few drops of a flavorful chili sauce or add some spicy garlic to your chip cookies.

To make sure your chips are coated in the perfect coating, use a metal spoon to gently swirl the chips around in a bowl to get a perfect coating.

For the best results, use aluminum foil or a paper towel to help spread the coating.

To make your chips even more flavorful, DePano says you can add a little extra sauce to the mixture by mixing some of the extra garlic into the mixture and then drizzling it over the top.