Onion rings chip chips to go on sale in Canada

Canada’s onion rings chip is going on sale next week, with the company announcing the first shipment of its new, “full-sized” version, The Associated Press reports.

The full-sized chip will be available in a variety of stores nationwide, and will include chips made of vegetable oil and corn meal.

The chip, which comes in a jar and is made of the same ingredients as the regular chip, will cost $4.99 per package.

The chips, made by the popular company Frito Lay, are sold in all-day grocery stores, but can also be purchased at gas stations.

Onion rings chips will be sold at select grocery stores nationwide in Canada, including Safeway, Loblaws, and the City of Ottawa.

The company said it’s planning to sell the full-size version of the chip in stores nationwide.

The new chips, which were originally developed for use with refrigerators, are expected to be available to the public this fall.

The Onion Rings website says that Onion Rings is a privately held company that was founded in 1984 by Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist Doug Fenton.

The business began by making and selling high-end, premium onion rings, then later expanded to include premium cheese, butter, and other ingredients.

Fenton is survived by his wife, Linda Fenton, son John Fenton and grandson John Jr.