When Chipfields opened its doors in Buffalo, it’s now the city’s go-to chip field

Buffalo, New York – Chipfields, the first chip-based restaurant in Buffalo to open its doors, is the citys go-tos.

When Chipfields first opened its door in Buffalo back in January, it was billed as the first Chipfields restaurant in the country.

Now the restaurant has become Buffalo’s go to chip field, and the city is brimming with Chipfields fans.

Buffalo’s newest Chipfields-inspired restaurant, Chipfields on West 24th Street, opened this past weekend.

The Chipfields burger is a burger made of the Chipfields burgers, chips and fries.

Chipfields’ owner, Joe DiLorenzo, said he and his staff love Buffalo.

“The food is delicious, the food is great, the atmosphere is great,” he said.

He said Buffalo has been a great place to open a restaurant, and he wants to continue to grow the restaurant and make it a destination.

DiLorenzos is currently the owner of a popular Buffalo restaurant, the Pita Hut, and has been the subject of multiple local and national media coverage.

For a quick peek inside the Chipfield Grill, click here.

On Sunday, April 7, Chipfield opened its new restaurant, which serves breakfast burritos, burgers and salads with a side of Chipfields fries.