How to order a custom poker chip for your own poker table

Chips are chips.

They’re small chips, and they are made to order.

There are a variety of chips on the market, and there are also some that you can make yourself.

You can order chips online, and you can buy chips at a hardware store or online.

In fact, if you can get your hands on chips at your local hardware store, you can also buy chips directly from Chipotle, Taco Bell, and Chili’s.

It’s easy to get chips online.

But there are some tricks you need to know about when ordering chips online for your poker table.

You need to be careful when ordering online.

Chipotle offers chips that are made using the new, more efficient chip technology.

If you want a chip made using this new chip technology, you will need to get a chip that has the same design as the chips that Chipotle sells, and that is not available in bulk online.

And you should definitely be sure to read through the chip information before ordering online, especially if you plan to play poker online.

If it says, “available online only” and not “available in bulk,” you might want to check with the company and get a confirmation number.

If there is no confirmation number, it might be a mistake.

If your chip is not in stock online, you might need to call Chipotle and make an appointment for a chip pick up.

If the chip is in stock, you could order a chip from your local Chipotle or your local Taco Bell.

Here’s how to order chips for your local poker table online.