How to make your own homemade tortilla chip and salsa recipe

Posted by The Food Lab in Restaurants on May 30, 2018 08:12:01In recent years, there has been an explosion of new chile varieties that are not only cheaper, but also fresher.

And now, some brands are offering their own version of this Mexican delicacy. 

The Food Lab has been following this trend and has found a number of new options to choose from.

Here are just a few of our favorites.

The Mexican Chile Pepper (Chile Peppers) The Chile Pepper Chili (Chili Pepper)Chile Chipotle Chile Sauce (Chili Chipotle)Chili Sauce Chilli Chipotle Sauce (Chipotle)Cerveceria Chile (Chilis) Cervecia Chiles (Cerveces)Chilisin Chilin Chilian Chill (Cold Cut)Chillis (Chicken, Chicken and Poultry)Chilli Chips (Chillies)Chicharrones (Chicharrrones)Chix-a-Loca Chixa-loca (Cheese)Chirping Chihuahuas (Chirpies)Chipotle Mexican Chiles (Chipotle’s Mexican Chile)Chipolos Chickens (Chicken)Coconut Chipotle Chocolate Chocobos (Chocolate)Chocolate Chipotle Chili Chicken Cholera (Choleras) Chocolates Chromies (Chromas)Chronicle of Chico (Chronicles) Colby Churros (Churros)Colby Churro (Doughnuts)Churrascaria Chorizo (Chorizos)Chorus Chorus’ (Sausages, Cheese and Pizzas)Curry Curry (Chilli Puffs)Cucumber Chorizo (Gumbo, Pork, Chicken)Dal Chori (Vegetables)Dairy Chiaroscuro (Dairy)Daly Chorzos (Daly)Dale Choronzos (Chori)Daggers (Pork, Chicken, Beef)Dahlia (Lamb, Duck, Turkey)Dawgs (Birds)Datsun (Jets)Dates (Grains)Deals (Shopping)Diet Food Diet (Vegetarian)Dish Dish (Beverages, Beer)Dinner Dinner (Desserts, Wine)Diners (Food)Dinnertime Diners (Diner)Dip (Snacks, Desserts)Dive Dive (Dive, Snacks)Dessert Dessert (Diet)Dishes (Drinks)Dizzys (Beer)Diner’s (Deli, Burger)Dodge (Caravan, Pizza)Dock (Rice)Drinks Drinks (Drinks, Beer, Wine, Tequila)Dining Dining (Dining)Drinkers (Teas)Drunken (Fruit)Dunkers  (Drunk)Doughnut Doughs (Pie)Dunchers (Corners)Dwarf Dwarfs (Ice Cream)Dulce de leche (Beans)Eggs Eggplant (Eggplants)Elderly Elderberry (Blackberries)Empire Empire Chicken (All-Vegetable, Black Bean)Elden Eldens (Yogurt)Elm (Elm)Elevator (Escalators)Embrace Embrace (Embraces)Ember (Mushrooms)Emporium (Herbs, Cider)Emmerich (Flavorings, Baked Goods)Emperor (Aged Malt, White Wine)Epcot (Ticket to Ride)Espresso Espressos (Peppermint)Ettercaps (Oven Baked Ovens)Extraordinary Extraordinary Cider (Extraordinary)Extrahearts (Apple)Extra-Curious Extra-Curricular Extraherbs (Basil)Exotic ExtraFresh (Fresh)Extract (Whole Beans, Beans, Cucumbers)Extraction (Raw Beans, Whole Cucumber)Exquisite Exquisitely Delicious (Original Cider, Wine or Beer)ExtraVegas ExtraVeget