How Chipotle is using keto for its chips

A new kind of keto chips has started popping up on Chipotle’s menu in the US.

The company has been testing the products, which are being sold in the new Chipotle Keto Kit, for months, with varying results.

The company says it has tested several different formulations and has identified some which may work well for people with low-carb diets.

But while some people have reported eating better with the chips, others have reported headaches, diarrhea, or stomach pains.

So what are these keto-based chips?

The Keto Chips are the product of the company’s new Keto Chip Kit, which is the company said in a blog post.

It’s a mix of a mixture of powdered ketones and liquid ketones.

This is a combination of a mix made up of various other ingredients.

The company claims that the mix is not a keto diet replacement and that it’s more about making the ingredients more keto.

The powder is derived from a mixture made up from coconut oil and palm oil, while the liquid is from plant oils.

The Ketonide blend is the same mix as the ones used by the company to make their other keto products, but it has been tweaked for the chip.

This mix is also less sweet and has a milder taste, the company says.

The chips are designed to be placed in a single bowl and used for keto snacks, but you can mix them into a larger bowl to make chips in a separate bowl.

They also have the added benefit of being a great alternative to conventional chips, because they are low in calories and contain less sugar.

There are also a lot of other benefits that people are getting out of this.

There are about 15 different keto flavors available, but the one you want is the one that comes with the Ketonides.

The brand is based on the “Mango Kush” variety that was released earlier this year. 

The Keticos are currently available in the United States.

You can also get them at Chipotle restaurants around the world.

Chipotle is known for its high-quality ingredients, and the company has already made headlines with its new Ketonidos.

They’re made from scratch, and they’re sold in a variety of flavors, including lime, mint, and apple.

But the company doesn’t plan on rolling out the KeticOs globally.