‘The Bachelor’ star on how she’s trying to keep herself grounded during a rocky relationship with boyfriend

On the fifth season of the popular reality series The Bachelor, which premieres Thursday, the three men vying to become the next Bachelor in Paradise have been battling for weeks to become their next reality star.

“The Bachelor” fans are divided on who will win the season, but according to the show’s star, the two men have an understanding.

“We’re actually trying to figure out how to keep ourselves grounded and keep our relationship together,” Brittney McKinney told Entertainment Tonight.

“There are so many things we need to talk about and we’re trying to make it work.

It’s really hard for me to go on and not be around and it’s hard for him, too.

It feels like we’re going through a lot together, but at the same time we’re both really close.”

McKinney, 30, is dating 27-year-old Jeffries, who she met on the show in 2013.

He recently gave McKinney an engagement ring in Las Vegas and has been spending time with her and their two young daughters.

McKinney said they’ve been friends since college, and they’ve gotten along well since the start of their relationship.

“I have a lot of trust in him,” McKinney added.

“He knows I’m not a hypocrite and that I can do the things I want.

I’ve never had anyone tell me that they can’t be with somebody else.

I love him very much.”

The Bachelor’s third season premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.