‘I can’t even eat’ in South Korea: Man who was bitten by a choc Chip chip says he can’t eat the chip

A man who was bite by a chip chip at a South Korean barbecue restaurant says he’s “bitter” and “unable to eat” it because he has a serious case of food poisoning.

The man, who cannot be named, was eating at a popular barbecue restaurant on Saturday at a location that is popular with young men.

The victim says he was at the bar with friends on Saturday afternoon when he noticed a man who looked like a college student biting at his choc chips.

“I’m sitting at the table, I’m having a meal, and the guy just bites at the choc.

And I’m like, ‘what’s going on?

Are you crazy?'” he said.

The suspect, who is wearing a baseball cap and jeans, was later arrested and charged with biting the victim on the head.

He has been ordered to undergo a medical evaluation at the hospital, according to police.

Police say the suspect has a history of drug and alcohol abuse.