Trump tweets about stocks and tech, but still wants to be president

Trump tweeted Wednesday that the Dow and Nasdaq were “all dressed” after reports that he wants to lead the US economy.

Trump’s tweet, which has since been deleted, referred to the S&P 500, the Nasdaq and Nascoas overall market indexes.

But he also took aim at Apple, the largest U.S. company, with a series of tweets in which he criticized the company and its products.

“Dow is down 40 points, stock is down 50, and bond is down 10,” he wrote.

“S&amp is down more than 500.”

On Thursday morning, Trump’s tweets included a link to Dow futures on his personal website, and a link that led to a video of the S.&amp stock market index.

The Dow Jones industrial average and the S &amp stock index were up 0.4% on Thursday, while the Nascoa Nasdaq composite index rose 0.3%.