‘A real-life version of a burger’: Chip and Dale’s in Australia

Australian barbecued chips and dill chips have become the latest food trend to draw comparisons to burgers, with popular Australian brand Chip and Dallys in Australia now selling a burger inspired by their menu.

Chip and Dale is Australia’s largest and most well-known restaurant chain, which has franchises in Sydney and Melbourne.

A restaurant in Australia’s second city, Melbourne, has already been known for a Chip and dilly burger, which was featured in the recent Netflix movie, ‘The Five-Year Engagement’.

“Chip and dallies have a certain appeal, that they can be made in the kitchen, or they can just be baked in a big pot of oil,” Chip and Dal co-founder Michael Smith told Al Jazeera.

“They’re pretty simple, they’re a lot like a burger.”

Chip and Dallies’ “Burger” recipe is based on the classic burgers found at the chain’s Melbourne and Sydney locations, but it’s topped with a mix of ingredients, including dill, chipotle peppers and onion.

The menu offers “all the classic Chip and Dan’s flavours”, including dal, fennel, onion, bacon and chipotle mustard.

The recipe also includes a vegan option, and the chain has also partnered with Australian vegan chain VegNews to promote its vegan menu.

The Chip and Dave’s Burger is currently available at the Melbourne and New South Wales Chip and Dana’s locations, and will be available at Chip and Daal’s Australian locations starting in early 2018.

Smith told Alja that the burger was inspired by Chip and Daves famous chips.

“We love them,” Smith said.

“I mean they’re our favourite chip and chip thing.

They’ve got a bit of everything.”

Chip and Daves burgers have been featured on Al Jazeera America and on the Food Network’s ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’ series.

In recent months, Chip and daal’s vegan menu has been expanding its selection of items, including its “Veggie burger”, which uses the company’s own recipe, along with other local favourites.

“Our vegan burgers are made in our own kitchen, so there’s nothing special about them,” Chip & Dale’s Australian chef Tom Ritchie told the ABC.

“They’re just a bit more like a traditional burger.

It’s got a good amount of veggie on it.”